From Oanes quai or Forsand quai to Vinddalen via Øvre Espedalen. One way ticket. Book Online.

From: kr 1.000,00

Bus price NOK 1000,- for 1 – 5 persons (one way ticket)

Vinddalen – Skåpet – Flørli.
The hike is both marked and signposted, but of varying quality, mostly good.


Hike from Vinddalen to Skåpet
Good T-marked and signposted, clear path. At this stage one must cross certain parts in slippery terain. Several streams and bridges to be crossed.

Bus trip to Vinddalen via Upper Espedalen.

Time frame and length
From Vinddalen to Skåpet, on to Gamle Skåpet, across the mountain and down to Flørlistølen.

From there down to Flørli, further up the stairs and down the Rallarstien to the Flørlistølen again. About 6-7 hours and 17.4 km distance.

There are local boats and tourist ferries (tourist ferry in summer season) from Flørli to Lysebotn, Forsand quay or Lauvvik quay, if you do not want to go the same way back.

From Flørlistølen and back “the same road” to Vinddalen via Skåpet the distance is 10.7km. The rise is about 500 meters high.

The hike on the Flørlitrappene from Vinddalen is very varied and alternates between forest areas, myrtle traces, mountain plains and open high mountain terrain. It crosses several streams and rivers, most of which are designed with bridges. Despite the fact that there has been extreme rainfall, there is no problem crossing. It is a fence on the trip down from Flørlistølen to Flørli. The landscape is exciting and varied, the route is mostly open and clear. Welcome to the mountains and good hiking!

Recommended footwear: Mountain shoes (waterproof).