Travel conditions

Travel Terms and Conditions for Pelle`s Travel

  1. General travel conditions

Pelle`s Reiser will make the traveler aware of the rights and obligations that apply betweenPelle`s Reiser and the traveler. This is done under these conditions, which the traveler must carefully study. Pelle`s Travel makes special note that animals are not allowed (except for the guide dog). The traveler must take care of any relevant matters, such as desired insurance etc.


Pelle`s Reiser reserves reservations about price changes and printing errors in text, pictures and links on our website. We reserve the right to make changes that may occur after catalogs and brochures are printed; as changes in prices and conditions, changes in the itinerary that may occur in case of unforeseen events, and incorrect information that may be due to printing errors. Changes due to the above will be announced through attachments / special expressions and / or other suitable communication channels.


Complaints about any deficiencies in connection with the trip must be made immediately to Pelle’s Reisers representative on the spot. Otherwise, the customer loses the right to invoke the defect. Otherwise, the complaint must be made no later than one month after returning home unless special reasons make it reasonable to extend the time limit for appeal. Comments on any submitted questionnaire are not registered or perceived as written complaint.


As single travelers, it is meant traveling where the traveler can participate as an individual without being part of a pre-defined group.


According to our terms, there is no refund on tickets for single travelers. The booking is binding after you have confirmed the trip. We recommend that you have travel insurance with cancellation insurance, and that you contact your insurance company if the need for cancellation is due to illness. This is when the insurance company does the actual refund in cases where this is the case.

On trips where you can choose to pay on board the bus, the orderer / traveler is billed if one does not show up. The invoice amount is set to the value of the order + invoice fee.


Pelles Reiser reserves the right to price changes that may occur due to new or increasing taxes and fees, changes in exchange rates, or similar circumstances that Pelles Tours do not have or should not have foreseen.

Terms of deposit

Some subcontractors require a deposit in advance. If Pelle`s Reiser does not receive a refund of his expenses upon cancellation from the customer, the customer is obliged to cover the costs in full.


The traveler shall pay the agreed payment no later than the time stipulated in Pelles Travel's terms. The traveler must not act in such a way that the fellow travelers are annoyed. Anyone who reports someone on a journey must take responsibility for ensuring that the traveler can manage on their own. Our travel managers do not have the capacity to provide special assistance to travelers who cannot handle themselves. The traveler must initially be self-reliant or have his own companion. If the traveler grossly disregards his or her duties, he / she may be refused participation or exclusion from the remainder of the voyage, without having to claim a refund from Pelle's Travel. In case of exclusion after the journey has begun, the traveler may be ordered to bear the costs of the return journey himself. The traveler can be made liable for damages if he or she deliberately or negligently causes Pelles Travel losses by, among other things, not complying with the provisions mentioned above. The traveler must himself provide the necessary papers for the journey.


Pelle`s Reisers right to cancel the trip is made valid if:


If there is not a sufficient number of participants.


Relationships that are not mastered and which one could not have foreseen when enrollment became the bindings, such as war, natural disasters (force majeure) that make it difficult or inadvisable to carry out the journey. Pelle`s Travel must inform the traveler as soon as possible about the cancellation. When a trip is canceled, the traveler has a claim for full refund of the travel price. In addition to this, the traveler cannot claim claims unless he has suffered loss due to Pelle’s Reiser’s fault or neglect.


By group travel is meant traveling where the participants are part of a predefined group. The group must have appointed a responsible person who on behalf of the group serves as a contact person versus Pelle`s Travel.


The order is the bindings for Pelle`s Tours and the customer when we receive the signed contract.


All our events must be in accordance with the provisions of the Alcohol Act. This means, among other things, that it is not allowed to enjoy brought beverages, which the customer is obliged to make their guests aware of.


Pelle`s Tours refers to the sea law